Chart differences between Navigraph users

I was flying a route into A.Coruna LECO alongside a friend when we were found ourselves unable to agree on the ILS-Z RW21 Decision Height as our numbers seemed to differ.
Via Discord screen share, we found that our Navigraph browser based cloud charts for LECO were different, and in fact my friend was even offered CATII charts whereas I wasn’t.
The following links show my full screen Navigraph charts page for LECO which includes this approach plate, whereas I am only able to show the ILS-Z RW21 chart for my friend.
It is the first time such a discrepancy has been noted, and equally it is very odd that we weren’t seeing the same data for a cloud service.
Ultimately it made little difference to our flights, but nevertheless, we thought we should report it here.
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A: Dropbox - Screenshot 2022-08-16 203242.png - Simplify your life
B: Dropbox - ScreenHunter_708 Aug. 16 20.32.jpg - Simplify your life

one is the standard chart and one is the CAO (Airline CAT C only) chart. Check the chart mode in the settings of the app to be sure you use the same chart-mode.


Thank you, I will check.

Thank you, all is well.

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