Changing keyshortcut

is there a way to change the key shortcut(ctrl+n) to a key of my choice since pressing ctrl+N in VR is difficult


Hello Ahmed! Welcome to the forum.

Yes, it is possible using a workaround but not recommended. There is no user interface to do this.

Be aware that:

  • Setting the keybind for the panel will never override any of the default keybindings, so you could easily get duplicates that would cause confusion such as you opening the panel and simultaneously bringing the mixture to idle cut-off.
  • We can’t use joystick buttons to toggle the panel, unfortunately.
  • Any updates to the panel will remove the custom shortcut.


To adjust the keybinds, first please download this hotfixed version of the panel: (40.2 KB)

Then follow these steps:

  • Extract the folder & drop it in your community addons folder
  • Open it and navigate to html_ui\InGamePanels\NavigraphPanel\JS
  • Open the NavigraphPanel.js file in a text editor. You will see something like this:


  • Open a web browser and navigate to
  • Press the key that you want to associate with the panel
  • Replace the number after shortcutKey in the open textfile with the value that is presented to you in large font on the website. For example, the A key corresponds to the number 65.
  • On the next row, you can toggle whether or not you want to require pressing the Ctrl modifier key in combination with your selected key for the panel to show. Simply set the value to false if you do not wish to press it.

Apologies for this not being more intuitive. There is no official way to implement keybinds, and we are currently focusing all our efforts on the new Charts version. Do not hesitate to let me know if you can’t get it to work, just tell me the combination you want and I’ll send you a custom panel version.

Kind Regards,


It works many thanks for the support :+1:t2:

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You’re very welcome!

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