Request: Option to change keyboard shortcut

With the previous Navigraph panel, I obtained a version via this forum whereby changing the keyboard shortcut was possible. I wonder if this is possible to implement in the new version?

Hello Rob!

The same procedure that was used to change it in the old version should work for this new version as well. Is it not working for you? You should not need a custom version anymore, it is built-in.

Here are the steps that are still relevant (with altered filename since we’re in beta still):

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Hi! Thanks for the response.

I already checked NavigraphPanelBeta.js and I’m not seeing the same syntax as before. The two const declarations at the top of the old version are not there and I didn’t want to mess with adding or changing anything else as I don’t know any JS!

With the new version, is it a case of changing ‘undefined’ within:

if(typeof shortcutKey!=='undefined')


if(typeof shortcutCtrl!=='undefined')

Also I wonder if it’s possible to change the modifer to Shift instead of Ctrl?


You’re right, but they can be safely added in the exact same way as they were in the old version, just copy & paste the two lines over! I know it isn’t optimal, but it’s the best we have at the moment.

Here’s what you should add to the top of the file:

const shortcutKey = 78;
const shortcutCtrl = true;

// Original file content here

No, those should not be touched. They check for manual overrides like the ones mentioned above!

Not at the moment, unfortunately. But we can certainly add the possibility!

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Brilliant, thank you!

That would be grand! Thanks again.

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