Change flightplan mid flight

Recently, I created a flight plan EGCC to EGKK and generated it using Simbrief “Prefile on network”. Mid flight (X-Plane 11 - Vatsim) decided to change my destination to EBBR (primarily as I filed the wrong FP !) I opened a pre created EGCC to EBBR fp and tried to prefile it. I got a red message staing that the callsign was in use and that I should prefile while on the ground. I had to disconnect from Vatsim, (with consent of ATC), close the Simbrief window, then re-open Simbrief and prefile EGCC to EBBR, then re-connect to Vatsim. As it must be possible for an aircraft to be able to file a revised flight plan mid flight, I am surprised that there is not an option to cancel a flight plan and to be able to file a new one mid flight, particularly as Vatsim do not like pilots disconnecting then re-connecting in the air. If there is a method of doing this without disconnecting Vatsim & Simbrief, please advise.

I’m not sure, as VATSIM has changed the way you pre/re-file quite a bit recently. But you should have better luck asking this question on the VATSIM forums :slight_smile:




Normally one does not pre-file a flight plan while in the air. That’s why it’s called “Pre-filing” and not simply “filing”. :slight_smile:

When in the air, if ATC is online and you are in their airspace, you should ask them to amend your flight plan with a new destination/route as needed.

If no ATC is online, I believe the proper method is to amend your flight plan using the VATSIM client (for example, vPilot).

As Tim said, you will get a more official/correct response over on the VATSIM forums however.

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ok. thanks both for your relpies

I believe that’s been removed (at least from e.g. xPilot), which is probably causing a fair amount of confusion.

@DevFly if you do get a solution on the VATSIM forum, please feel free to share it here :slight_smile:



Thanks for input. The answer seems to be that I have to get the ATC to chnge my filed flight plan. It is not possible for the pilot to do so. The pilot has to input data into the FMC manually.