Better Flightplan Edit Interface

Hello from Turkish vACC of VATSIM.

Most of the flightplans were wrong in Turkiye, so I requested access to edit routes in Simbrief.

Recently I noticed that IFPS compliant routes are expired after a certain period of time. I had to change almost 374 routes to “preffered” and it took me a long time.

If there was a more useful page to edit these routes and instead of changing the status of the plan one by one each time, we could change multiple and save them last, it would really save us time.

Small update on this, when i change flightplan status to preffered, now simbrief assigns IFPS incompliant routes but Simbrief show it IFPS Compliant.

For example LBSF - LTFM flights:

The route i put is the third one, and first two routes are actually incompliant IFPS

AYTEK is the only route available for LBSF.

So most of the routes are wrong like this but correct routings are less priority due to this situation.

Hi, the first 2 routes both pass IFPS validation. The RAD restriction you posted only concerns AYTEK arrivals, it doesn’t say anything about RILEX.

Ideally you should not change your IFPS compliant routes to Preferred status. This has lower priority than IFPS compliant routes. Simply leave them as IFPS compliant, even if you don’t revalidate them for the current AIRAC they will still be proposed by default in most cases.

Best regards,

Understood, thank you for reply and the information.

So when I start to change their status to IFPS Compliant, it will take hours because I need to do it one by one, is there way to change status first then save them in one click?