CFM-LEAP 1A33 engines not accepted

Created a new profile for my XP12 ToLiSs A321neo (with BSS neo pro soundpack) for the CFM-LEAP 1A33 engines and the ToLiSs MCDU will not accept the flight plan.

However, if I go into the ToLiSs plug-ins folder (when xp12 is running) and change the engines to CFM56-5B3/P then the same simbrief flight plan is accepted immediately.

By default, the ToLiSS expects your simBrief briefing to precisely correspond to the aircraft type (by checking its ICAO code). There is a checkbox on the ISCS to disable that if you like.

The CFM56 engines correspond to a “regular” A321 (ICAO code/identifier A321) whereas the CFM LEAP engines correspond to an A321 neo (ICAO code/identifier A21N).

So, depending of which aircraft you intend to fly in X-Plane (A321 with IAE or CFM56 engines, or A21N with CFM LEAP or Pratt&Whitney engines), you need to plan for the same type in simBrief.

Custom airframes for the various ToLiSS aircraft are available here:




Thanks so very much! I tried it, and my SimBrief flightplan loaded immediately into my ToLiss A321 LEAP.

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