Xplane 12 and Toliss Airbus models (340 and 321) won't provide flight plan from Simbrief upon ACARS INIT Request

Xplane 12, Navigraph unlimited account, Toliss Airbus models. Flight plan created in Simbrief. Worked flawlessly on all flights until yesterday. Expected to see the flight plan populated into the FMS. Neither model seems to be getting any FMS data. I tried to type the city pairs into the TO/FROM and it returned error “Not in Database”.

Note the last flight I conducted on the 340 was to Lima and I diverted to Quito. Next day I wanted to start from Quito to Santiago Chile when this first happened. I changed models to 321 to see if it would work. Regenerated new flight plans and uploaded to Navigraph, then opened Xplane and started a new flight from the Quito airport. To confirm there wasn’t something wrong with Quito I made a new flight From Lima Peru to Santiago Chile and same errors occurred. This was working flawlessly for months. I have gone around the world in A340 without a hiccup.


Please can you provide the airpor ICAO codes which are “not in database”, when you enter it in the FMC/S?

I asked because its possible that these airports are not in the stock data. ToLiss uses the stock airports - we don’t offer any airport data for X-Plane … Therefore, please a little bit more details about your from-to airports.

Thank you

Thanks for the response Richard.

I cannot really figure out what happened. For troubleshooting I did a domestic flight from Vancouver to Kelowna and everything worked fine. Then I created a new plan with sundries for the South American routes I had trouble with and they all worked as well. I have been using navigragh for years and haven’t yet found a city pair that did not work. Of course I am using public airports that would normally support large transport jet operations, but even Ushuaia Argentina was available.

I guess it just had a hiccup somehow. I will consider this solved and let you know if it happens again.

Airports were Quito Equador, Lima, Peru and Santiago Chile.

Thanks again Richard

Gord Andrews

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