Known Aircraft Profiles

With thanks to Rodeo and others here is a pinned list of known aircraft profiles for Simbrief:

Boeing 737-300 “Classic” by IXEG

Bombardier Challenger 650 by Hot Start

Boeing 757 Professional/Extended v2 by FlightFactor

Boeing 767 Professional/Extended by FlightFactor

Airbus A350-900 XWB by FlightFactor

Airbus A320 Ultimate by FlightFactor

Airbus A319/A321/A340 by ToLiSS

Airbus A32NX by FlyByWire

Airbus A330-900 by Headwind

Citation CJ4 by Working Title

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With the advent of the NEW MILVIZ C-310R, can you please add the C-310R to the aircraft profiles list? Thanks so much for an absolutely awesome program to assist simmers with flight planning! - Rick1958


hi so i want to create a flight plan on simbrief but the aircraft i want to fly (Antonov 24 and 158) doesnt exist in the aircraft option what do i do? I have the information of those in case you need it I can help you

Seems like the codes come and go at a whim. C414 was there, now gone. Along with a bunch I used to fly. Specs changing or something? Be nice to know why they remove aircraft.