CaptainSim 737-300

Hi all,

Any plans to have NavData upgrade for the new CaptainSim 737-300 for P3D v5.1?


Yes, we are working on it. Should be included in the next AIRAC release.


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Many thanks! Captain Sim told me to manually install the 757/767/777 one because it maps to the same directory for the 737, so they are compatible. Did that last night and it worked. So you guys may just need to update the detector and include the 737 in the package name. :wink:

That´s exactly what we have done in the new upcoming AIRAC cycle Jeremy :wink:
But anyways, thanks for sharing your “solution” for now …
Have a nice day,

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Perfect! :wink: You guys are the best. While you are at it, the new Milviz Piaggio 180 EVO is the same deal. It lives in the same folder as the King Air 350i. So that one works for both aircraft too.

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