Navdata for PMDG 737-800

Hey all, I just downloaded the PMDG 737-800, and it installed successfully however I can’t install an updated Airac cycle through the Navdata app as it doesn’t show ip and I’m not sure why. Is there a way to manually add a plane to Navdata if it doesn’t detect it?

I’ve downloaded the Fenix A320 and it worked so im confused…

Any help appreciated.

Same issue. PMDG 737-8 is correctly installed and playable in sim, Center is up to date and computer has been restarted. Sim is off and 737-8 is not being detected. 737-7 and Fenix A320 both detected.

Same here… but I guess it will be there in couple of weeks or so

Same here… I hope there make fast the upgrad

we are currently preparing to add the PMDG 737-800 in the Navigraph Navdata Center, so you can expect it soon.


The PMDG 737-800 can now also be updated via the Navigraph Navdata Center.

Please, close the NNC and reboot your PC before you try an update. Normally it´s not necessary but with this process you´re on the safe side.


Woderfull, you where so quick this time. I appreciate that!

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