CaptainSim 75-767 P3D

Hey there,
I dont know what to do but I’ve tried everything out, to update my Airac Cycle of the CaptainSim 75 and 767 for P3D V4. I know I know, lets try the auto installer dont do it via the Navigraph FMS Data Manager, if have tried that but there are a lot of error messages during the installer so I have to do it via the FMS Data Manager.
I saw the same problem, where someone says try the path CaptainSim - 757 - Navigation, it doesnt work either so I need your help.
How can I update the Airac Cycle of the 75 and 76 series of the CaptainSim products for P3D V4, which path is the correct one and what should I try next?

Hi Devin,

In FMS Data Manager Settings, make sure your P3D v4 path is correct. Maybe post a screenshot using Guide to posting Screenshots.

In Addon Mappings Scan should detect Captain Sim 737/757/767/777 with mappings:

If not use +Add to manually add Captain Sim 737/757/767/777 with Install into… Prepar3D v4


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