Android app refused to display or pin a chart

Hi. I have been having problems with your Android app for some time. I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tablet. It usually crashes at least once during every flight, and when you restart the app you have to sign in again and/or you cannot load your saved flight. Which means you have to force close the app and then try again (which fixes the problem). But I have now had a different problem - I was recently flying into LGAV Athens, and the app refused to display the approach chart that I required. I tapped repeatedly on the chart name but nothing happened. I tried to pin the chart, but that wouldn’t work either. I could get it to work flawlessly on my desktop Charts app on Windows, however I currently do not have a second monitor to display Charts while I am flying, which is why I used my tablet. The problem is clearly with your Android app. Are these known issues, and can you say whether and when a fix will be brought in? Thank you.

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