Can't get KBWI procs to display in MSFS Globe Screen


This is probably one where I have done something really stupid or not done something that I should have done, but having previously followed the FAQ on installing the navdata and just now on reorganising the content.xml file, I am still not seeing the procedures for KBWI

First of all, having read a similar post on here about KBWI, i downloaded the airport addon from, to address the apparent problem of a missing runway. On starting the sim, the SIDs and STARs were still not available in the requisite drop down lists, with just “direct” listed".

Secondly, i followed your FAQ, to the letter, on “Scenery-File re-organisation / initialization” and still nothing.

I then retried the above FAQ, having removed the addon airport. Perhaps expectedly, this did not work.

Finally, I re-added the addon airport and still no joy.

I’ve looked in the folder where you store the navdata for MSFS and found the text files that show the procs are actually present, but for some reason the MSFS flight planner either can’t see them or just doesn’t want to.

I also have the navdata for the CRJ installed, but as I can’t see the PROCs even when I’m in another aircraft, I’m not sure that is relevant.

Content.xml (5.1 KB) is my content.xml file and I’d be really grateful if you could let me know what i might have done wrong or not done right.



Hi Paul,
thanks for your report and also thanks for your effort to try all the FAQs. Much appriciated …

The content file looks abaolutely correct. I guess more, that the addon scenery set the delete flags for the terminal procedures. When these flags are set, than our procedures will be disabled and normally the procedures in the addon scenery will be used (if they are existing ones - when not you see only the DIRECTS).

I will check this later and will inform you here, uf my assumption is correct or not.

I also guess, that you don’t make any mistake …

Wow Richard. That was fast. You will need to make sure to keep that big “S” on your chest nice and clean. :slight_smile:



ah, I’ve just checked the comments against the KBWI addon, on and someone else had a similar problem. The author suggested putting “navigraph at the end of the list”, in the content.xml file, to get the PROCs to display.

I can give that a try, but does that sound feasible?

Yes that working 100% Paul but its the wrong solution because you run into other troubles when you do this.

I after this command I’m now pretty sure that the scenery designer has set this delete flag for the terminal procedures. This is his job and not yours. Please let the navdata package where it is - believe me, you will run into problems. We had tested a lot, also with ASOBO and the location is confirmed and recommend.

I will check the scenery but I’m pretty sure that he deletes the procedures.

Only for your understanding:
The first line in the file has the lowest priority, the last line the highest, therefore when you set our package on the bottom (last line), it has the highest prio and overwrite all.

Don’t do it please

Thanks for that. It did sound a little odd, as other airports i currently have below navigraph in the content.xml file, TNCM for example, still successfully display their PROCs on the flight planning screen.

I’m just doing a tour of the US state capitals in the CRJ and a missing SID shouldn’t stop me, so it’s no biggy.

Thanks again.


Right Paul, TNCM has not set this flags and therefore, you see the procedures. But let me check this before I inform the scenery designer … because thats simple wrong, what he recommend.

Have still safe flights

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