Cant find navdata for SBGR

I am unable to find the sids for SBGR and the STARs for SKBO on the aircraft I am flying.

thanks for your report … I have made a check, all the terminal procedures are included in the current cycle but the problem here is, that both airports are outdated and therefore the MSFS disable the terminal procedures.

SBGR - left the real-world, right what you have in the MSFS

Real: 10L/R - 28L/R
MSFS: 09L/R - 27L/R

SKBO - the same:

Real: 14L/R - 32L/R
MSFS: 13L/R - 31L/R

You see the different runway-idents … The internal sim logic is now, when a existing terminal procedure can´t be assigned to a runway, the sim disable the terminal procedures. That´s not what we can change, we may not correct the wrong runway-idents (and there are a lot every month).

Ok, why can you use now the terminal procedures without our data (only with stock data):
The answer is simple, ASOBO/WT change the terminal procedures that they fit and can be selected.
Check the SBGR SID AMVU2A, this SID is valid only for 10L, but when you limit this to 10L the procedure will not be shown because the runway ident in the MSFS is 09L (as I have described before). So, the trick from ASOBO/WT to remove such runway-limits and set such procedures to ALL. With this trick the sim doesn´t check the runway idents and the sim shows all terminal procedures.

Using the MSFS stock scenery with the stock navdata:

I guess, we both know that this “workaround” is very, very bad - no simple wrong, the stock data are wrong/not correct because without charts, you have no possibility to check, if the procedure can be flown from this runway.

So, you have only two possibilities:
Use a 3rd party scenery which are equal the reality (freeware or payware), or you life with it and wait till ASOBO/MS will fix it. When you use a 3rd party scenery which uses the correct runway-idents, you will immediately see the correct, real-world terminal procedures because you still have it in your dataset.

Here a test (using a SBGR freeware scenery which includes the new runway-idents, our dataset AIRAC 2213 installed):

You see the correct SID AMVU2A for 10L only …

Sorry, but this is a MSFS limitation since day one, which we have reported several times …

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