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Hello - I have had a subscription to FMS Yearly the last year and a half and would like to upgrade my subscription to Ultimate Yearly which includes Charts. I’ve tried multiple times using Edge and Chrome (in Win 10). I’ve tried choosing PayPal (I have an acct) and to a credit card which is on file to pay my FMS subscription. When I select Ultimate Yearly, the message reads “Your current subscription has some days left before is expires. The discounted price will be 66.79 EUR.” The new pop-up window shows the same message and I click on Confirm. The next pop-up message shows “NOTIFICATION” "Subscription upgraded successfully without any payment needed. I sign out and back in but the subscription still shows FMS Yearly. I’ve checked my Paypal and credit card (on file) accounts and no charges show pending. Please advise.

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Hi Curt,


I don’t see those transactions. Please email those details to The support team will then look into it during the week.



Same here, so I sent an email with the request information and the response body.

I guess the payment has been failed becuase of some reasons, such as database or internal server error or handling conditional statements with no exception handling, and then the response gives me status: "payment received / free subscription" in the response body, which is suspicious.

Credit card and Paypal both are not working for the upgrade plan feature.

So I just decided to make it monthly billing, and then changed yearly. It’s a bit more expensive, but I decided to do so to use navigraph faster. This is working fine.

We are investigating.



Hi Ian,

Exactly the same thing happened to me, it does not process any payment, the issue is that it does not allow the upgrade.

Send the mail from requesting help.

Hi all,

Could you please try the upgrade now. We have a fix out which should resolve the issue.



Many thanks, Stephen! - I was able to successfully upgrade to Ultimate Yearly.

Best regards,

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Glad to hear that!


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