Cannot Sign In NavData Center

Hi guys. I’m from Ukraine! I’ve been using your subscription for a couple of months now and I’m happy. But I just can’t use NavData Center
Installed correctly. I tried to remove and reinstall. Default browser Google Chrome. I click on the button SIGN IN but nothing happens. Help please, thanks.

Hi. I am not answered in my topic. Hopefully answer here. I installed NavData center but can’t login, doesn’t open browser to login. I use Chrome.


Please use Navigraph Navdata Centre to remove any addon packages.
Then use windows to uninstall Navigraph Navdata Centre.

Download, install and run latest Navigraph Navdata Center

Can you now login?


Once again I did everything as you wrote. I still can’t log in.

Are you able to able to login to say ?


this may be a windows registry problem

Are you able to run Regedit to view:


It is important that this points to Chrome:


I go to the charts through the site without any problems.
I went into the registry, it was not indicated there Chrome, indicated the browser, but still I can not enter.

What will be the next steps?

Please uninstall/reinstall Chrome and set as your default browser as a test.


Nothing has changed.

Can you please advise if this registry entry points to Google Chrome.

If you set say Edge as your default browser as a test, can you sign in to Navigraph Navdata Center.


After installation Chrome, a screenshot is attached.
Through Edge the same thing, nothing happens

At this stage we believe it is a configuration issue on your machine. Maybe you will consider updating to Windows 11 after 5 Oct 21 which might address the issue.


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