Cannot detect flight in your sim

Ian, good morning … Can you please provide me a link for downloading a simlink version prior to the latest (1.21) … There is no a single way to make it work on my system, and i had just try them all for three (3) hours (admin installations, full uninstalls, cleanups, new folders … Bruh … I´m frustrated).

We can’t provide links to old downloads. The new one replaces the old.

What is the problem more exactly? What steps have you taken? In what way does it not work?



Hi Stephen, thanks. Well, simlink status window is always: “Cannot detect flight in your sim” … so it has not been any possibility to make the flight to appear on charts … It all started three days ago as i pressed “yes” for downloading the new version, please help. (im on MSFS fully updated, so is my system).

Please post a screenshot with your sim running in the back and on top the Simlink status window. Thanks!


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Great, give me please 30 minutes as I get back home.


Thanks for send us details about the issue, from your post its look like there are some plugin configuration issue. For fix this please follow below troubleshoot points,

  1. Reinstall Simlink Plugin.
    a. Close all running Simulator.
    b. Open “Simlink Plugin Setting” window.
    c. Uninstall plugin by click on “Uninstal Simlink” button.
    d. Now again click on “Install Simlink” button for reinstall plugin to Simulator.
    c. Please verify Successful message popup or not while installing plugin.
  2. Close running Simlink.
  3. Start Simulator and check Simlink is automatic start or not?
  4. If Simlink not start automatic then please follow below steps,
    a. Close Simlink and X-Plane or any other running Simulator.
    b. Now open Navigraph folder which is located in system APPDATA folder, for open APPDATA folder please follow below steps,
    i. Press Win+R key. (It will open window like,

    ii. Now type %appdata% and press “OK” button.
    iii. After open APPDATA folder, open Navigraph folder.
    iv. Now delete .mapping and .path file which is located at “%APPDATA%\Navigraph\Simlink”. image
    c. Now again reinstall Simlink Plugin follow by #1 troubleshoot point.

Please let us know if you face issue again.


Ahir Vishal D.

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Thank you … but having performed all that, three times today, no any positive result (by the way, Im on MSFS 2020, so it cant be any deletion using the list of simulators in the plugin settings):

¿Could that be that I need to have installed the Charts app? Because three days ago, prior upgrading the simlink, it was sending data but I was following my flights on your web, and it was performing ok:


No you don’t need to have Charts Desktop installed. You can use any Charts product as per About the Simlink/Moving Map category

Try running with Antivirus disconnected. Run Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc) and confirm Navigraph Simlink is running:


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