Technical Difficulties Reported

We have received error reports about technical difficulties from some of our users. The issue is confirmed but not identified. We are investigating. Thanks for your patience.


Update: The issue has been identified.


Update: You should see some improvement now.

Edit: Unfortunately not. Continuing investigation.

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Afraid not. Not for me.


Yeah it’s possible to access charts now, but flight plan from Simbrief is still not loading…

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Little, at least the headers are loading for the airport…

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I have no idea what version it should be running, but still not working for me, even on the web browser. nothing is loading. just blank XD

And now also the charts.

I confirm, no flight plan available

not fixed yet! I have no ability to create a new flight or import a flight.

It is like it is slightly better. Some more things load, but although I can see a flight plan, I can’t add anything to it.

Me too can’t load flightplan from simbrief and I have updated

Some things are working, but flight plans are a problem still, think some of your services are still not working fully

Alright. Please give us another moment. It’s a performance issue. It’s one of our database servers which has received a batch of jobs which was not intended for this server. The batch of jobs was intended for a stronger server running in the background. So we are cancelling these jobs and slowly bringing back the database servers again, but it takes a litlle while to get up to capacity again.

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Super fast, Should be running fully in the next 30mins… that’s when I need them then XD

Thank you,

But, this problem can affect also FMC on 737pmdg as it is unable to show sid and stars?

If you mean SID and STAR charts, yes, this could be related.

Is PMDG really online all the time with NAVDATA?

The list of sid and stars is listed on the FMC, but cannot be load on the aircraft system once been selected…may be can be related to the navigraph database not available for the moment…