Hello ,

I played P3D with your NAVDATA 2007.
I found I could not perform Autoland on ILS RW16R/L in RJTT (Haneda Tokyo International Airport) that’s why ILS ID is not detected.

For instance , HND ILS RW16R (111.15 ITA) , ILS RW16L (111.95 IOC)

I purchased NAVDATA 2107 expecting NAVDATA is improved.
Although , This phenomena is same as before.
(Not detect ILS ID and not perform AUTOLAND)

Please check and correct the NAVDATA .

Thank you.


Hi Sho,
to show the loc/gs, the sim (in your case P3D) need also this frequency. When now, the ILS frequency was changed in real-world, the sim doesn´t know this and stay on the old frequency. When you now tune the new (accurate) frequency into your FMC, the FMC recognise it (due the AIRAC updates, which you have made) but not the sim because in P3D you will still have the old frequency.

We don´t offer a sim update for P3D … only for addons for P3D.

To update the P3D frequency, you can use this site:

Hope that helps

Hi Richard ,
I was confused the ILS facility with the FMC NAV DATA.
Thank you for the basic lecture.
By the way, Does P3D v5 include the facilities of RJTT ILS RW16L / R?
Please tell me if you would know.
Best regards,

Hi Sho,

ILS 16L (IOC, 111.95) and 16R (ITA, 111.55) simply do not exist in FSX/P3Dv1-4 (stock file). Unfortunately the situation is the same in P3DV5 (stock file)


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Hi Hervé,

Thank you for the useful information. When I tried to introduce ILS using ADE for the first time, I Compiled it, but I couldn’t create a bgl file well. I will try various things.


Hi Richard,

I was able to land TOKYO ILS RW16L/R for FSX-P3Dv1-v4 - Installer v2.1
All regions except Europe].
Thank u for your help.
Next task is too low 4red on short final RW16L because RW displacement.