Cancun airport empty in moving map XP11 desktop APP

why is the Cancun Airport empty in the moving map ? no runways, no taxiways, no buildings …NADA !
it is the 1st time since I use version 8 that I see such an empty airport ! For all my flights the airports are very well depicted in the moving map.
apart from this problem, congratulations for this new version, I like it very much ; there are some improvements to make, they have been pointed out in the numerous threads here.
NB :wink: I do not like the price increase !! :grin:

Hello Navigraph team
I see you are very busy with all the request about V8
But could you answer my question ?

Hi …,

Check you have map filters selected


Thanks. I have map filters selected the same way on the web app and on the desktop app.
I can see the airport on the web app but not on the desktop app !
Up to now this is the only one airport I encounter this mystery !


Could you please show a screenshot of your map filters panel, like Ian did?



Hi Ian and Stephen
I have understood why it does not show up in desktop app
I had not clicked VFR airports in the airport section in the desktop app whilst I had it clicked on the web app ! ; this looks very strange for such a big airport to be classified as a VFR airport
all other airports for airliners I can see their infrastructure without needing to click VFR airport !
Nevertheless thanks for your support and congratulations for this V8 upgrade.


You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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