Map frequently goes blank

The map frequently goes blank in flight. It happens once or more on most flights and eventually resolves itself after anything from a few minutes to up to an hour. Thins like zooming in and out, panning the map, or closing and restarting the application does not seem to have an impact on the issue.

Sometimes the map is completely blank (only the flight plan magenta line is shown) except for some topology overlay in the VFR and World maps, at other times the map loads partly as strips or boxes that may or may not be close to my aircraft location. Charts can still be opened and closed while the map is in its blank state.

This has been going on for a while, at least a few weeks.


We’ve noticed this too in some circumstances. We’re investigating.



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I have experienced the same symptoms within the Charts desktop application. It happens randomly and started to happen after the last 1 or 2 Charts updates. Using Windows 11 Pro 22H2.

Hi there! Thank you for the feedback!

This is caused by increased protection of our map content, which was introduced a couple of updates ago. Basically, there are some cases where your session expires - primarily after long periods of no activity. This will leave you with a blank map, at least until you interact with the application and/or restart it.

We believe that this should be fixed with the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience! Feel free to let us know if it is still occurring after the release of v8.25.0!

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Sorry for the necro but this is still happening to me as of version 8.25.1

Does it happen after some period of inactivity? Is the problem resolved by restarting the app? If not, is it resolved by logout/login?



Hallo, I still have the issue today. Mostly after a time of inactivity around 2 or 2 hours I think. Very annoying since I need to restart the desktop application.

Another thing I have is that is randomly (during usage) is will pop in full screen without the possibility to close (have to use alt-F4)
The problem can only be resolved to change the screen config file and change it to false. Why does this happen randomly?

Thanks for your help and hard work it is truly a magnificent tool!

Please upload a screenshot of the map in its “blank” state. We are unfortunately not able to determine a cause with the details you have provided so far!

Our application does not enter fullscreen unprompted. It sounds like you may be unintentionally hitting the F11 key, which is the default shortcut in Windows for entering exclusive full-screen mode. Pressing the same key again will take you out of fullscreen again!

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Getting this after 2min not active.
Not always but often, i can move te map but it stays black.

Thank you for the screenshot! To confirm our suspicions, we have enabled additional logging on your account to try to track down any errors that might be occurring.

Please use the product as usual, and let us know when the issue occurs again!

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Same issue again.

Hi, I have the same issue, using Charts only since 2 days. But happened yesterday and today.
Version: 8.28.0
Build: 5311207087

BR Jens

Twice today I’ve had to restart the charts app because of this issue. It just went blank for a third time, and I closed it instead of restarting it.

Thank you for the reports!

In the case of @TheVFRPilot , we have confirmed that this issue aligns with one we have seen ourselves. We have done some investigations into it, but it is super rare and we have so far not been able to find a solution.

Most of the team is on vacation, but rest assured that we will pick this up again for more investigations as soon as possible!

Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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Just here to say I also have this behavior. Does seem to happen after a short period of inactivity. Restarting Charts fixed it. Honestly not the biggest issue because the Charts app starts up in quite literally under 5 seconds (thanks!). Just a minor inconvenience.

I have this same issue. It often happens if the app is inactive with a chart open for a long period of time. When I return to the map screen it is blank. The only thing that fixes the issue is restarting the app.

Today mine went black, but I can see the borders of each continent. This release has been quite buggy.

This has been an issue for a while now, so it should not be something new to the latest release. It sure is interesting that we have received a couple of reports since the latest release, given that it normally occurs super rarely. Perhaps something got slightly worse… :thinking:

As already mentioned, we are not sure what is causing this and it is very hard to debug. But we have recognized the additional reports and added them all to our internal report for investigation!

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Thanks for the work on it. I LOVE this app and it’s been a must have for me for 2 years. I’m sure it will get sorted. Keep up the good work.

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it seems after maybe a half hour or hour of the charts window not being in focus, the enroute map just completely blanks as if its timed out or something… windows related? restarting charts desktop fixes it.

after restart: