Can weather reset be manually updated?

Can weather updates be reset? It seems to update every hour or so.
Can we manually update weather?

Hello Ryan! Thank you for reaching out.

The weather is updated automatically every 2 minutes in our app. However, the weather reports themselves are not updated that often. METAR is usually updated every hour in the US, and in Europe an interval of 30 mins is quite common. TAF is usually updated a lot less frequently.

Does this answer the question?

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Yes it does thank you!
I thought maybe there was a way to manually update the weather by clicking somewhere.
I guess when preparing landing procedures, I must check for the 1 hour interval and hope it doesn’t changes wile on approach. I’m from Canada and would being using the US METAR.

Yes, that is what you’d do in real life as well! First, take a look at the METAR for the current weather, then the TAF for the forecast. This way you get an idea of what the weather is like and how it will change throughout the day!

To be even more prepared, you can have a look at all kinds of different weather reports such as this significant weather map.

This will let you know if there are any bad weather systems/fronts on the way to your destination for example. Also, real-life (VFR) pilots usually tune into the destination ATIS frequency before arriving to get the latest weather information, runway in use etc.

We have lots of weather-related features coming in the future, so stay tuned!

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