METAR manual refresh needed


I realised that the airport METAR information doesn’t update automatically unless the page is refreshed.

Is that how it’s supposed to work or do we expect an improvement about it?


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Would love to have this feature as well. The other night traveling from KMSY to KCRP, neither METAR refreshed by the time I shut down at CRP. I think the MSY METAR was around 2 hours old by touchdown, and CRP was over an hour and a half old by the time I landed.


We’re investigating.



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Posted in Discord and cross posting here for visibility.

Why is it the desktop charts application is always some 2 hours behind when looking at METARs for airports? Also the same in the Navigraph application through Volanta. For example it’s now 0050z, last KSAN metar is timestamp 2251z in Navigraph Charts. Looking online, I can pull up 0024z. Something is broken.