Problems with the METAR

It’s the second flight today that I have runway issues on the flight plan inconsistent with METAR. The flight I made earlier the flight plan was inconsistent with the runway.

Please fix this.


This isn’t entirely unexpected. The TAF for the period around your departure time shows winds 020/06, which would favour the opposite runway. SimBrief considers the METAR winds if your departure time is close to the time the METAR was published, but as you get farther into the future, it will consider the TAF (forecast) winds instead.

I will, however, make some adjustments to the time at which it transitions from the METAR to the TAF. It’s moving onto the TAF perhaps a bit too quickly right now.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to leave only with metar or make available in the user’s account a preference for TAf or for METAR? I believe MSFS and XP or weather apps for these two simulators are only using METAR.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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This depends on how long in the future you are planning to depart. If you are planning a flight that will depart an hour or more from now, it makes more sense to use the TAF.

If you were to plan runways using the METAR (which might already be almost an hour old, since they are often published hourly), a new METAR might come out before you depart with different winds anyways. This is where the TAF can be used to predict what the winds in this new METAR will be.

But if you want to tell SimBrief to use the METAR winds, then simply set the “departure time” option to something very soon in the future (or even the current time if you prefer).

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