Runway data (METAR/ATIS sources for Europe)


I just found this old thread ([Runway data]) and almost all my questions have been answered except for one, what is the weather source for simbrief?

I assume for the US it is NOAA but what about Europe or Asia? Also regarding ATIS, certain countries like Germany seem to have no public information available online so I guess there is no easy way around a real world data subscription e.g. like AC-U-KWIK to get this information. Or is the ATIS information available on VATSIM somehow taken into account?

NOAA issues METARs and TAFs for the entire world. So all of SimBrief’s weather comes from NOAA, even for airports in Europe.

Other than for airports in the USA, there is no public access to D-ATIS information for most airports in the world. SimBrief does not currently use VATSIM ATIS information to assign runways, though it may come in the future. Since in many cases the VATSIM ATIS is mostly (or at least partly) human-written, the format can differ quite a bit, and reliably deciphering the runway information from the ATIS text can be challenging.

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