Can we use FAA Charts?

Just taking a look at Charts 8 and I see it uses Jeppesen.

Is it possible to use FAA instead?

Also, what’s the timeframe on getting Imperial measurements in place for runways?



We don’t have plans to include FAA charts at this moment. We appreciate there are differences in style and format, but hope what you need for planning is there. And in a more dynamic and potentially less cluttered form.

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Ok, thanks.

I use FAA charts both online & with my EFB (FlyQ). I know it’s not as widely used, but they’re ubiquitous & Jeppesen charges per device.

That said… I guess I might take a look anyway…

Hi Andrew,
only to clarify (possible I misunderstood you here wrong, than sorry) - but our subscription is NOT per device. It´s user based - so you can install and use the Jeppesen charts and data on every device which uses the same user without any additional fee.


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Hi Richard -

Thanks for the note. Yes - understood. I’m just saying that Jeppesen charges per device, which (in addition to their pricing) is why I don’t use them.

From their pricing page:
Full US Annual Services - Digital Charts - 1 Mobile Device $218

I realize Navigraph doesn’t factor in, but I try to replicate in simulation what I use in my (non-professional) real-world flying.


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Ah understood … thanks!


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