Can´t generate flights anymore

Hi all,

recently i am having trouble generating a flight plan.
Don´t think i changed anything.
Anyone got an idea what the problem is?

2021-10-18 20-15-34.mkv (3.6 MB)


To be honest I’m not sure, I looked at the server log and I don’t see any obvious cause.

I noticed you have a lot of browser extensions, it’s possible one of them is interfering or blocking some parts of the SimBrief website (maybe one of them received an update recently, causing this issue).

Can you try using the website through a different browser (for example, Edge or Chrome)? Or alternatively, I think you can launch Firefox with all extensions disabled by pressing and holding the “Shift” key when you click the Firefox icon.

Let me know if one of those ideas work. If so, you could then try to disable your extensions one at a time to find the culprit.

Best regards,

Thx for your reply.
I think i found the cause of the problem.
It was the VPN Service i use (Nord) and only on the Austrian server.
without VPN enabled or on another server it seems to work fine.

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