Blocked by SimBrief website?

after opening a couple of saved flight plans (unlimited subscription) on different tabs in the browser (to edit them) I’m unable to use SimBrief now.
According to IsItDownRightNow website SimBrief is not down. When I open SimBrief in online proxy gate it’s loading. Changing browser and restarting system (after dns flush) doesn’t work.
Is it some kind of protection and I’ve got a ban from the server? Good to know for the future, working via VPN now :slight_smile:


Yes, there is flood protection on the server which was tripped when you opened your saved flights.

But the limit is set pretty high, at first I was surprised you were able to trigger it during normal use. Though after checking the logs, it appears you opened 35 tabs in the span of 30 seconds, which probably was enough to trigger it. :slight_smile:

Such bans are temporary, so I suspect your IP has been unbanned by now.

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Hah, I indeed opened almost all saved flights with mouse middle button to correct one thing :slight_smile:
I will be careful with that from now :slight_smile:

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