Generating Flight does not work

Hi everyone, I have been having an issue recently that I cannot generate my flight plan, when I click the button, nothing happens. Any fixes? Thanks in advance.

Can please anyone help?

Hello? Anyone? Do you guys now the issue?



As SimBrief is a web based application, I would look at what has changed on your system which might affect access.
You might check your antivirus to see if it has had an update or is blocking the site.
Try clearing your browser cache.
As a test, try setting a different browser as your default browser.

In case it is an account issue, try accessing SimBrief using the same credentials from another machine if possible.


Did all of the steps above, nothing

On the other machine, what exactly happens when you edit a SimBrief plan, then press Generate to create the OFP?

Looking at your logs so far we can’t see where you have tried to access SimBrief, on first or second machine since my post above.


Hi @POGGERS2501 ,

I suspect you are using the Google search app/browser, and at some point tapped the “Suppress Dialogs” prompt.

Refreshing the page should restore them. Specifically, press this button:

Otherwise, using a different browser (i.e. the default Safari browser on your phone, instead of the Google search app) will almost certainly fix this.

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Thanks! Changing the browser seemed to fix it.

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