Unable to scroll/zoom or select charts

I’ve raised this issue previously and still having trouble selecting charts (left click on the airport/approach/departure icons and nothing happens).

I’ve followed the instructions for removing the panel and reinstalling the navdata centre but no joy.

I’m also unable to zoom or scroll on the map, I can load a flight and track it but that’s it, I’m unable to view any charts.

Any suggestions as to what could be causing this? It’s been a problem since SU4.


Just to note this is only an issue in VR, an acknowledgment of this issue or suggested solution would be appreciated?

Hello Lee! Thank you for the feedback!

Sorry for the late reply, we did not have the necessary hardware to thoroughly try this out.
We have now tried it using an HTC Vive Pro, and unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the issue. Scrolling, zooming and panning all works just as expected.

Do you have any specific steps to reproduce the issue?

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I’m using a reverb G2, I load a flight then enter VR and select the in game panel. I then load a simbrief flight plan and try to select the airport and “open charts list” briefly appears but then disappears immediately before it can be selected.

Occasionally it will work when I first enter VR but will stop working shortly after. It is repeatable every time for me, scrolling using the left mouse button also does not work.

I’m using the latest version of the in game panel (v1).

I am terribly sorry but we simply cannot reproduce this, and we have yet to see anyone else with this issue. Since there are people out there using the panel in VR without issues, perhaps there is something that is specific to MSFS and the Reverb G2? There have been discussions in other forums where G2 users have spoken about issues with that headset in particular with regards to textures inside MSFS aircraft, perhaps it is related?

Again, sorry for the inconvenience but there is nothing we can do as it seems.

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I have just found this forum entry and it describes exactly the problem I have been having with the in-game panel using MSFS and a Reverb G2. It happens every time and I long ago gave up using Navigraph charts via the in game panel because it’s kind of useless if you can’t open the SID/STAR/airport charts.

I do remember it working in the past so I don’t know whether it was a MSFS, WMR, OpenXR or Navigraph update that broke it but as of now it’s unusable for me.

As described above by a previous poster, if I click on an airport in on the map the sidebar slides in briefly with the list of STARs etc but then slides out again before you get a chance to interact with it or click on any of the charts.

Can’t see how this could relate to textures - appears to be a functional issue with the in game panel.


Hi Peter,

I was the original poster, unfortunately the only way I could resolve this was to completely uninstall and reinstall the SIM.

You could first try reinstalling the in- game panel as per their FAQ, however this did not work for me. I assume something got corrupted somewhere but who knows as they can’t replicate it.

If you choose to reinstall, just remove all of your add ons from the community folder you can simply re-add them afterwards. Aside from time and bandwidth, it isn’t too much hassle to do this.

I no longer have the issue.


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Thank you for sharing your results @leecorbin ! It is much appreciated!

@NinjaCanOpener we are unable to reproduce this issue in any environment, be it with or without a VR headset attached (we have been testing using a HTC Vive Pro, as mentioned earlier).

Since you are the second user with this issue and you also are using a Reverb headset, it seems likely that the issue has something to do with that implementation rather than the panel itself. I would gladly be proven wrong here, but since neither we nor any of our other VR users have reproduced this issue I can unfortunately not do anything at the moment.

If there was something within my power that I could do to make it work for you guys I would, but I 'm afraid that it falls out of my reach. I hope you understand!

Kind Regards,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I was beginning to think that a reinstall may be my next step - just can’t quite bring myself to do it just yet as my game is now perfectly tweaked and don’t want to risk going backwards! Good to know that there’s a potential solution.