Can Charts provide preferred & recent routes?

I know SimBrief can do something like this…. Anything in Charts?

Anyone? At this point, I assume the answer is that it cannot.

Hi Andrew,

Sorting of flight plans is on the roadmap for an update.

Please also see my suggestion at Saved routes - #7 by Ian

“If there are flight plans you regularly use, you can do a minor edit (I place a space after the flight name), and these will then be at the top of the list.”


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Thanks Ian.

I presume then that Preferred routes are not currently available, or planned?

Flight plan searching, sorting into preferred, recent, alphabetic etc will be looked at and introduced in a future update.


Can you please elaborate on what you are seeking when you say preferred and recent routes. :slight_smile:


Sure thing -

Recent routes are, I believe, simply routes that have been approved and flown recently. I don’t know, offhand, if they may include Preferred routes.

For example, from

or from the “Routes” dropdown selection on SkyVector:

Or… Simbrief “Suggested Routes” :wink: