Scheduled flights for the future

Hello everybody. I would appreciate it if you could add pre-scheduled scheduled flights for the future. This allows you to plan departure, arrival, aircraft, call sign and flight number for upcoming flights. If you then select this flight, you will be redirected directly to planning. This allows you to organize upcoming flights in advance and, if necessary, filter them by aircraft or airline. At the moment I do this for each aircraft individually via Excel spreadsheets, which is a bit complicated and annoying.

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like pfpx, that would be awesome

I agree. This would be a great enhancement for SimBrief!

Hi, out of curiosity, how would this be different from the current Saved Flights feature? It is already possible to set up your Flight Options, click “Save Flight”, then reload these options from the Saved Flights page at a later date for planning.

The saved flights page can also be sorted by departure time, callsign, aircraft, etc. by clicking the table headers. And the list can be filtered by typing into the search box on the right-hand side.

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Hi Derek,
one of the best features of SimBrief is its API and its integration into many add ons. However those add ons load the latest fight. It would therefore be awesome to be able to schedule flights in advance, have the option to plan them, but don’t have them be declared as the active (latest) flight. That’s what I would see as the great benefit of this request.

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