"bump" on track 30R in LEZG

Hi, using the LEZG scenario (LEZG Zaragoza » Microsoft Flight Simulator) and Navigraph, a bump appears on the runway. If you remove the Navigraph folders, it is fine again.

Do you know why this might be?
Thanks you!!!

no sorry … but we haven´t any runway information for LEZG in our database (excl. den navigation facilities). So, no runway position, slope, elevation or similar else … Therefore it looks very unlikely that this has really something todo with our navdata.

Do you see the same with the stock LEZG also? Because I have tried it now and I recognize see such “bump” with the stock LEZG and our data. I don´t have the addon scenery and all what we can test is again the stock sceneries.


I have tried with the mod scenario, but removing the Navigrpah folders, and it works fine, the moment you put the Navigraph folders back into community, it fails.

I can say I also see exactly the same thing at LEZG and just like azzameen if I remove my Navigraph folders from the community folder this bump disappears and all is normal again.

Thank you for your support,

Hi again,
it seems to be an elevation issue somewhere. This airport doesn´t exist in the stock MSFS sceneries and therefore we also “create” the runways to offer this airport at least for flightplanning, departure and arrival. Now, when you use a 3rd party scenery for that, it looks that the sim mix the elevation on a special position.

I´m not a scenery designer therefore it´s hard to say what I can do but I will “play” a little bit in the next couple of weeks, possible I find a solution, at the moment I have no clue, sorry.

Not very helpful, I know - but the truth …


Thank you so much for taking your time to comment on this Richard, so many hidden things going on in MSFS and with the target always changing it must be a bit frustrating when things like this pop up. Again, thank you for all of your help!


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May I honest? Yes - but on the other hand, it´s a kind of “daily challenge” and that makes this work so interesting. No, I like that but as you wrote, sometimes it´s really a little bit frustrating - specially in MSFS, things are changing so fast, for my developer feeling too fast - it´s good for the customer, but a lot of work behind for us developer …

Anyway, thanks Don … we will find the solution for this but please be patience, I have still a lot of open tasks here on my table :wink:

Have a nice day & thanks for your understanding

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