Bug Report: overlapping pinboard charts


I am having a new issue with the toolbar. Since the latest update, I am getting overlapping on the pinboard when I try to pin a airport diagram and a STAR at the same time. The STAR will overlap the airport diagram of the departing airport on the pinboard rather than list the two charts side by side like it should. Zooming in and out/resizing the toolbar does not fix the issue.

See example of the issue below:

Same here. Tried usual workarounds - restart, remove other mods etc, all to no avail.

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Please check you are running latest Charts In-Game Panel


Confirmed on both. The issue only started happening after updating to v0.5.

Hello everyone!

I can confirm the issue and we are looking into it. Thank you for the feedback!

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This has now been fixed. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please advise!

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