Bug in the import of MSFS PLN containing custom waypoints


I’m trying to import a PLN file, which is part of MSFS 2020, and which contains custom waypoints. (This is one of the Bush trips within FS2020)

This includes waypoints such as the following:

<ATCWaypoint id="POI1">
    <WorldPosition>N39° 44' 02.84", W104° 38' 57.31",+004500.00</WorldPosition>

Now this (and all custom waypoints) get’s imported and converted to the format used within Navigraph charts as:


… which is shown as an invalid waypoint, and is not plotted…
This is missing the W from the end… if I go through the route and add a W to then end of each coordinate so that it reads:


Then the waypoint is plotted correctly.

I believe this is a bug in the import process - the functionality obviously exists to convert the coordinate format - but the longitudinal direction (W / E) has been truncated…

Secondly, whilst I understand that Navigraph flight plans (and flight plans in general) do not support having airports as en-route waypoints - however, many bush trips are represented this way in game - and it would be great if these could be imported, even if only as custom waypoints…

For instance, for the following three waypoints in the PLN file:

<ATCWaypoint id="POI17">
    <WorldPosition>N38° 45' 11.33", W108° 08' 44.87",+004500.00</WorldPosition>
<ATCWaypoint id="KGJT">
    <WorldPosition>N39° 07' 20.70", W108° 31' 36.30",+004500.00</WorldPosition>
<ATCWaypoint id="POI18">
    <WorldPosition>N39° 14' 56.41", W108° 52' 32.85",+004500.00</WorldPosition>

These are imported as:

384511N1080844 DCT 391456N1085232

which even after adding the missing W’s - is completely missing the en route airport waypoint.

As a compromise, would it be possible to plot the airport (for which coordinates are provided in the PLN) as a standard waypoint?

An even better solution - although one which I suspect would require slightly more effort - maybe more than is justified for a niche use case - would be to create multiple flight plans - with each enroute airport being the end of one flight plan, and the start of a subsequent flight plan.

The examples given are extracted from the /microsoft-bushtrip-frontier/frontier.PLN file within FS2020 (part of the 40th Anniversary activities) - but the same format and associated import issues appear to be consistent across all the bush trips I have looked at.