Missing Waypoint when .pln imported into 2020

Please see the attached file Navigraph-D60KXWA.pln. It was created from a Navigraph Export. When this .pln file is imported into 2020, the second enroute waypoint FORBI is missing in the Active Flight Plan as seen in the G1000nxi screen. However, the missing waypoint FORBI is correctly shown the exported .pln XML file, so is this a M$ problem? Tnx.

Navigraph-D60KXWA.pln (2.2 KB)

Navigraph Charts
Version: 8.30.0
Build: 6336412403

I assume, it´s more a G1000Nxi (or better any background systems - because you see the same behavior in the stock A320 too) issue because when you load your flightplan simple from the MSFS WorldMap, the flightplan will be shown correctly with all waypoints:

flightplan loaded in MSFS WorldMap - AIRAC 2310 rev. 1 installed:


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