Bug: Clicking on pinned chart opens wrong chart

Have been trying to use the pinboard feature on Navigraph Charts on Windows recently and noticed an odd bug where the wrong chart is getting opened. Here are my steps to reproduce this issue.

  1. Open the charts menu for EGNM with the chart mode set as “Standard IFR”.
  2. Click on the pin next to “ILS DME Y OR LOC DME Y RWY 14 (CAT A & B)”.
  3. Click on the entry that appears in the pinboard at the bottom of the screen.
  4. The chart that opens up is actually the Airline (CAO) chart for “NDB ILS DME or NDB LOC DME RWY 32”, which has the same identifier of 11-2 as the chart I have added to my pinboard.

Looking forward to hearing back!

Hi, we are aware of this and have it on our backlog.



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