Blank Entries

Hi sometimes at airports there is blank entries for some SID/STARS. For example in the picture this is a STAR for Heathrow and selecting a via. The second option is the one I need via BNN but as you can see in the picture it is blank. When I removed Navigraph and used MSFS default 2105 it appeared fine. Is this is a known issue and is there any solution?

Second I don’t know if this is an issue or how it is supposed to be in the real world but when you select a STAR sometimes you don’t want to go via anywhere and you want to go straight to final but in MSFS and navigraph it doesnt let you do this and if you selected no via it just assigns the first item on the list anyway. So in the above example if I selected NO VIA it would just assign the first choice anyway.

Thank you


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Hi Douglas,

Try this from the FAQ please. It should fix your issue. The reason is, that your scenery file is a mess and therefore your must re-org it. It happens normally due the update, because ASOBO recommend to move the community folder somewhere outside before you make the update. Crazy but it is at it is …

To you second question:
This is also an known sim issue. The logic of the flightmanagement is simple limited and ASOBO knows this and has also confirmed this in the 3rd Party Developer forum. Sorry thats happened also sometimes with the stock data and we can’t do anything, till ASOBO has fixed this.

Hope that helps a little bit

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Thanks I will give that a try!