Better integration of simlink, de-cluttering arrivals

I am just getting accustomed to Charts 8, and there is so much that is so positive! I would suggest that once an arrival or approach is selected, the alternatives be removed from the map, as it really clutters things. If the pilot wants alternatives, deselect the previous selection, see the alternatives, and select again.

Also, simlink should either come up automatically, or in the MSFS cockpit where there is a link to charts, there should be a way to select simlink, or have simlink have its own pop-up window like charts (I forget the name for it, the opaque links above the “moustache”, where things like weights and balance and weather can be selected)

We’ll consider your suggestions. However, for the alternates, I think many would prefer that the alternates are always plotted on the chart. There will always be personal preferences I guess.