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Navigraph has charged my credit card $80.00 this month with no explanation. I reported it to them with the appropriate email form but no response for 3 days now. I find it interesting that I/we pay money to companies that are extremely hard to contact. My monthly charge is supposed to be $8.00.

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I had a quick look and there is nothing strange given your account status: You are on the Ultimate Yearly plan. Your last charge was on June 3, 2021, and now you were charged again on June 3, 2022. You will see the charge in your payment history, so it isn’t without explanation.

But if you think this charge is not correct or you didn’t think you were on the Yearly plan, then I am sure account support can sort it out.

It is a weekend now and account support will return to you early next week.



Thanks Stephen, my mistake I thought I was on a monthly plan. To many things to remember.

Dennis Volz


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