AYRAC de P3Dv4

Je n’ai pas tous les points du plan de vol, fait par LittleNavMap au format pln et à jour des AIRAC, sur le Flight Planner de P3Dv4.
Peut on mettre les Ayrac de P3Dv4 à jours pour utiliser le Flight Planner.

in english please - thank you!


Well I try with the help of my friend Google.
I do not have all the points of the flight plan, made by LittleNavMap which is up to date from AIRAC in pln format , on the P3Dv4 Flight Planner.
Can we update the Ayrac of P3Dv4 to use the Flight Planner.
Thank you.

Thanks for the translation - you “friend” makes this perfect understandable :slight_smile:

To your question:
No, I´m sorry that is currently not possible. We have no dataset available for the internal flight planner of P3D, but we are thinking about a future development to make the internal data in P3D also update able but at the moment, we have none.

Cheers & Merci :hugs:

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