Cant see the latest airac in MSFS 2020

Hello I installed Navigraph navdata for MSFS 2020 I can see that there is a cucle 2101, but in the simulator FMS I can see an OLD version and not the new.
My sim is from Xbox GAME PASS on PC.
Any help?
Thank you.



Please see Latest Navigraph Client version 19 cannot update cycle 2101 on msfs.


You omitted to state what your doing about it? No one can programme Flight Plan Waypoints properly? What am I paying for here - Pondering cancelling Navigraph because of this

Hi Johnothan,
sorry, but I can´t follow you here. The question of the OP was, that he can´t see the correct AIRAC dates (from/to) on the ident-page of the FMC. The answer is, because ASOBO don´t read the from us provided AiracCycle.bgl file which they have recommaned.

So my question is, what do you mean with “no one can program flight plan waypoints properly?” I miss the connect between the initial question and your question.

This is your first posting here and we want to help you, but how, when we don´t know which problem you have?


Thank you Ian, I saw that the latest airac installed .
Hope Asobo will fix the bug as soon as possible.
Thank you
Eran Granot.

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