Avoiding restricted zones OR manually editing the route

Hi. I am trying to make a route that comes through war zone. Currently the sky is closed at that country but SimBrief builds a route through it. Moreover, I am not sure I can edit it somehow.

Is there a way to build another route?

There are a few options I can suggest, but there is still room for improvement in this area:

  • Check the “Suggested Routes” section to the right of the SimBrief route field. Click each route to display it on the map, you may find one of the routes already avoids the area in question.
  • Below the route field, open the “Route Finder” section. Enter the FIR you want to avoid in the top-right text box, then click “Find Route”. This feature is buggy and might return an error message sometimes unfortunately, but you can still give it a try.
  • Modify the route text directly. You can display waypoints and airways on the Interactive Map, and make your own route by typing the airways and waypoints you’d like to use while referencing the map.
  • You can also open the route in SkyVector if you find it easier to edit the route on there. Simply click the SkyVector logo above the route field.
  • Use another external service to find a different route. For example, links to FlightAware, GRD, EDI-GLA, and autorouter.aero are provided above the route field.

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