Avoiding weather like ISOL EMBED CB and so on

So, I’ve been plotting a route with SimBrief of a real flight from Athens to Copenhagen. Same aircraft, same time. And I’ve got a route through clouds as on the first pic:

And I later compare it with a real flight route, which is obviously avoiding that area:

And I’ve been trying to find an option to plot a route around those zones with high clouds, but looks like there is no option like this. I even tried to plot a route using some navpoints the real plane flew through, but still no luck.
So my question is: is it possible to create a SimBrief flight around this kind of disturbing areas, as real flights do.

Hi, there is no “automatic” way to do this in SimBrief. Though you can of course manually type or remove waypoints from the Route field on the SimBrief Flight Options page.

Navigraph Charts has more flexible route editing in this regard, including drag/drop route modification and the ability to right-click waypoints on the map and add them to the route.

Once you have built a route in Charts, you can also click the pencil icon at the top-right of the window to copy/paste the route string into SimBrief.

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Most dispatchers do it by manually building a route around the WX. Plus, ISOL EMBD means that less than 1/2 of the area is forecasted to be impacted by the weather. To be honest, I am probably not going to route around an ISOL EMBD area; I will give the flight additional gas to handle the weather as the WX presents itself once airborne. ISOL EMBD just means a chance, a low probability chance at that. OCNL and FRQ EMBD will get my attention however.


Yeah, I know that, it’s just the real flight that give me some unassurance, as they were go around it, so I’d like to try that also.

Ok, got it. I’ll try do it with navigraph next time. Thanks

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