Auto pilot does not follow flight plan

Flight from SVBC to SVMG(IFR) in autopilot just after transition PORGA , aircraft turns to a 90 degree
angle and flies into mountains… Not sure if this is a navigraph issue or MSFS problem.


We would need more information to assist:

Op System: (e.g. Win 11, MacOS)
FS Version: (e.g. FS9, FSX, P3D V5, X-Plane 12, MSFS) Noted MSFS
Add-on: (e.g. FF A320, PMDG 737-600, etc)
AIRAC Update No: (e.g. 2302)
Problem Details: (so that the problem can be replicated, e.g. missing xxxx SID at airport yyyy, as per AIP chart at .)
Any non-standard hardware or software: (List add on gauges, add on scenery, etc)

Please post flight plan in machine readable form so we can replicate the issue.


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