AUTO Passenger Load Setting

When using the Simbrief flight planning system AUTO setting for passenger load, with the BAE146, I frequently receive the message that the payload is above MTOW or MLW. I wonder why the system automatically selects a load which is then above the MTOW/MLW. Wouldn’t it be better if the system could automatically select a passenger total that is below the maximum permitted weights, then in the remarks box say ‘Load adjusted for MTOW/MLW’.

But it’s still a great system.

Hi, thanks for the message.

Just to clarify, that message is advising you that the load has been limited to respect the MTOW/MLW, not that it is above the MTOW/MLW. So you can interpret it the same way as ‘Load adjusted for MTOW/MLW’ essentially.

How SimBrief adjusts the load can vary, often it will reduce the cargo/baggage amount.

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OK. That’s great. Thanks for the explanation it all makes sense now.
I probably should have explained that I always fill the loads into my runway performance spreadsheet, and check the exact weights against MTOW/MLW. So when your system says 50 pax, my spreadsheet automatically adds the pax weight and set baggage amount and shows a discrepancy. So I then have to reduce the passenger total by 1, while your system is trimming the baggage weight, which I guess is more realistic.