Simbrief Custom Universal Weight Settings

Hello all,

I have been struggling to plan my flights lately due to the way Simbrief calculates payloads by default. From what I understand, Simbrief automatically assumes every passenger weighs 175lbs, and assumes every passenger carries 55lbs of cargo with them, for a total of 230lbs per passenger.

As someone who works in the airline industry, I can immediately point out a couple of things wrong with this, such as the fact that only about half of passengers (from what I have seen at least) carry 55lbs of baggage with them. In fact, a large portion of passengers only bring carry-ons weighing at most 20lbs.

I would like to enter custom average passenger and freight weights so that Simbrief does not overload my plane, but currently in order to do that I need to make a custom airframe for every aircraft in my hangar, and then spend the extra time to find the custom airframes when I am making a flight. I would like to have an option to override the Simbrief default average weights so that I can use the default profiles while also not having Simbrief think all 50 passengers on my 30-minute flight are bringing their entire house with them.

On that note, thanks for supporting such a useful program for the sim community.

you can edit the weights in the aircraft profiles, FAA current weights are winter weights 210 for adults 32 lbs for avg bag, right now i wish there was children weights.

The thing is afaik you have to make a custom aircraft profile every time you need to edit the weights, and then you have to go and find that profile every time you want to plan a flight. It would remove a massive headache if we could modify the global defaults.