Aurora vor frequency, mggt guatamala city

WIN10, PC MSFS 2020. I would like to report that the frequency for AUR VOR at GUATAMALA, CITY is 114.5 vs 114.9. When within range and/or shooting a VOR approach tuned to the correct, published AUR frequency of 114.5, the aircraft doesn’t recognize the VOR. The MSFS data (from integral charts, etc) is in error and states the wrong frequency for AUR as 114.9. FYI for a database update. I searched to no avail and don’t know how to propagate this information to Microsoft Support, per se. Perhaps Navigraph shares these reports. Thank you. CA Glenn

Hi Glen,
first of all, welcome here at Navigraph and thank you very much for your report.

I have checked all our source now, including the AIP Guatemala. All information what I have found say, 114.90 for the La Aurora VORDME. You wrote the “correct, published AUR frequency” - please can you forward us your source of this, that we can report this to Jeppesen.

Here what I have found:
From our charts, which reflects also the navdata because the source is identical for this kind of information:

… the Jeppesen chart:

… and last but not least from the AIP Guatemala:

You see in all three cases, the frequency 114.90 … and therefore you see this (and must be used this) in MSFS, with our data installed:

So, please be so kind and forward us such official source, that we can check the possible frequency change for this VORDME.

Thank you very much,

Hi Richard,

You have my sincere apology for the error in my report. While, indeed, I took the frequency from 2 independent sources which indicate 114.5 as the AUR frequency, upon closer examination of both sources (Jepps), I discovered they are both out-of-date. I am very sorry I wasted your time. Mine was a careless mistake and again, I apologize for causing you unnecessary work.

I am a new member of Navigraph and your quick customer service response tells me that I made a good choice to join.

Best regards,

Bill Glenn

Jupiter, FL

Hi Bill,
no need to appologize you. We are here for exactly such questions and we try to help, where we can.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us again here, whenever you have a question. Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated …

Merry Christmas

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