Problems with VOR range

Hello, I’ve noticed that once I installed the airac cycle, there are many VORs in SPAIN that are “high altitude” class, but their default range is 40 nm aprox. Is this normal? Thanks in advanced.

and welcome here in our forum. Do you have an example, that we can check it against the AIP and our data.

Thank you very much

I’ve been having a look through the “community” folder in MSFS and I found 2 folders related to navigraph navdata: “navigraph-navdata-base” and “navigraph-navdata”. I will try to create a document will all the discrepancies i find, but so far, what i found is that the info in “navigraph-navdata-base” doesn’t match 100% with the info in “navigraph-navdata”. And I think the correct info is in the second folder and that MSFS is giving priority to the first one. But I will keep trying to bring more info about this.

both folder has two different functions and the “navigraph-navdata-base” folder is needed for the “navigraph-navdata” folder. We order the packages correctly in the content-file via the Navigraph Navdata Center. So, the information are differ in each folder, thats ok and correct so far.

What “correct info” do you look for? What I asking is, if you can give us an example of the wrong VOR range … for that, you don´t need to analyze anything in the two packages … :thinking:


I’m very sorry. I’ve been analizing deeply everything and i realized it was my mistake. Some VORs have changed recently in our spanish AIP and you have reflected these changes in your navdata. The problem was I wasn’t aware of these changes.

I regret the confusion. I’m very sorry, again.

Kind Regards,

No problem Alberto, fine when it is solved so easily :wink: … Let us know, when you need more assistance. We are here, for exactly such one … So, don’t hesitate to contact us again … no need for appologize you …

Merry Christmas

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