Android app on tablet - approach overlay option doesn't always work


Occasionally when I click on the approach in the route bar at the top (don’t know the correct name for this) and select “Show chart (overlay)” for the approach, it doesn’t work. If I search for the airport, find the approach, and click overlay, then it does work.

Latest example was trying to overlay the “RNAV RWY 11 (CLUCK)” approach on this routing: PAJN/08 JNU6 EEF DCT CLUCK DCT PASI/11. However, I just went back and tried it again after restarting the app and it did work, so it’s pretty intermittent.




Thank you for the report. This shouldn’t happen, and I am unable to reproduce, but it could be some odd circumstance resulting in this behavior. We are currently building on the next generation apps including Android, where these functions will be yet more stable.